COVID-19 made me realize what’s important

Back in 2019 winters, I remember juggling my studies and my job whilst I tried to keep my social life
intact. I still recall the frustration I was living through because of my exams which resulted in feuds with
my family day in and day out. Every part of my life felt meaningless and people all around were
suffocating the time I had left for myself. ‘Am I living for others?’ ‘Why doesn’t everyone leave me
alone?’ These were the questions I asked myself every night before going to bed. All I was craving at that point
was a long vacation, where I could enjoy some ‘me time’.

Fast forward to the summers of 2020

It has been more than two months that I have been homebound.
Barely working from home, no academic classes of my own, no deadlines to meet to, commitments to
fulfill and  I have all the ‘me time’ I could have ever wished for.
But why am I still not content?
Well, it took a world-wide pandemic for me to realize what really matters in life. And trust me it was all
that I had consistently ignored and taken for granted before. It’s safe to say that COVID-19 made me
realize what is really important in life.


The isolation and social distancing made me realize two very important things. Firstly, I was blessed to
have spent my quarantine period with my family, unlike thousands of other people who are
stranded in a foreign country to this date. Then three weeks down into isolation, it dawned upon me how
much I had started to miss my relatives, friends, and colleagues. I even texted my old friends who I
hadn’t been in touch within a while. And now almost 3 months of not having seen my friends and
colleagues, I know I will give anything to meet them! This was the same lot that I had felt had been
breathing down my neck. It just goes to show that you’ll only value people once they aren’t reachable anymore.


Physical Health

The ultimate blessing for every human is health. In our normal routine, we barely bat an eye to the
signals our body gives us; whether it be a sore back at the end of the day or flu that feels it would last
an eternity. But this pandemic made me realize, I would go to the ends of the world to protect myself
from this virus and so goes for my family. At this point, no amount of money, that I had been striving to
earn, mattered more than keeping myself safe from this virus. Consistent application of sanitizers,
putting on a mask, and a pair of gloves before going to get the grocery, and many other precautions I
took reminded me how scared I was for my health- the same health that went neglected over the years.

Mental Wellness

The taboo of our society- MENTAL HEALTH. The existence of mental health or psychological problems is
questionable in our society. But as the COVID-19 disseminated worldwide, it took a grave toll on the
mental health of thousands. I know so many people who became victims of depression and anxiety due
to isolation, separation from their loved ones, and the daily news of deaths worldwide. More and more
people have now come out with their struggles and have sought professional help. I couldn’t be more
than happy realizing that our society is finally coming around to the idea that your psychological fitness
matters too.

Alas, it took a worldwide pandemic known as Covid-19, thousands of deaths, global isolation and seclusion to realize what
really matters!

This post is written by Abeer Usmani.

Author’s Instagram: au97.abeer


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