How To Get Rid Of Emotional Breakdown?

There are many things we tell people that they can do during their mental breakdown. But you know it’s easier said than done. Only those who suffer from it know what it feels like. You feel like that no one can help you at that time.

Even you, yourself cannot help yourself because in these types of situations your brain stops working completely.
It is because once we are attached to a person, we think now no one can separate us. (here I am not only talking about relationships but friendships too). And when we lose our favorite person our mind completely stops working because our heart can not bear the pain of losing our loved one.

-Now what to do in this type of situation?

So basically, there are 2 types of solutions for this.
Number 1 is a theoretical solution. That is to accept the fact that you have to spend your life without that specific person and move on. Known as acceptance. But this is not the correct solution for these types of situations.

-Do you know what is the actual solution for this?

Let me explain with an example.
For example, If you are having a problem with your teeth and you go to your dentist. And ask him not to give you the pain killer before he does your surgery because you want to experience the pain, know how much pain you can tolerate. You want to see what your limits are, to see if you’ll die with this pain or not.

Having a problem with your teeth

It would sound crazy and the dentist probably won’t let you do that but if you actually do that and endure the pain you will see that you are no longer afraid of the pain. Your mind will no longer fear the thought of going to the dentist.

Likewise, if you let your thoughts in and face them, they might hurt like hell in the beginning but gradually you will see the pain fading away. The situation which was like a disaster to you will be like any other situation. When you don’t stop your thoughts and see the upper limits of your thoughts, you see change.

The only thing I wanna say is don’t stop your thoughts, don’t pretend that you don’t want to talk or think about that particular individual. Once you start pushing your thoughts you’ll see the results, you’ll see that this pain is psychological which means it depends upon you that how you take this pain.

And then there’s come a point when all this psychological pain leaves you, for example, if you get hurt you’ll feel bad but only at that moment.

It all depends upon your willingness to face this.

It all depends upon your willingness to face this.


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