Individual’s Effect On Others

Individual’s Effect On Others”

It means what one individual does, the effect of that particular thing affects every single person in society. Similarly, what everyone does affects the one individual. Virtually we all are somehow affiliated with each other. Which keeps us connected in one way or another.

For Example:

A woman is assassinated, to whom will you put the blame on?
To who was murdered? or to the man who murdered her?
One thing is confirmed that we cannot blame the woman, but we can blame the murderer.

We can also blame the entire community because we are each person is the part the society. Now that question that many people will ask is why here I am blaming everyone?




Because every individual counts and matter, and by one particular individual it forms a community. If an injustice or unlawful act is going on around you. Whether you are involved or not, you are somehow related to it. If you don’t take action on something happening to someone else soon it’ll be happening with you too.

What I want people to understand is, What you are doing is affecting everyone and what others are doing is affecting you. Either physically or mentally.




For Instance:

angry kid

If you are not treating your child or your younger sibling properly. You are fighting and doing worthless things in front of him/her like using abusive language. Then there will come a time when he/she will be the exact same because it’s human nature. We adopt things from our surroundings and it affects us, we might not see this thing but it has a huge impact.

Sometimes there is a lot of frustration, emotions, irritation in the mind of children and he throws all those emotions out of his mind. His parents say it’s his fault, he is ill-mannered, but in reality, it’s not his fault it’s their fault they are the ones responsible but we don’t see the word “we”, it’s only ‘I’.


Now this word ‘I’ has taken us back to the reality that is, in the end, it’s you and your deeds.
This is the reality, and we have to accept it at any cause.
We all have done something wrong and when you will notice that there is nothing like “we” then the correct phrase will be ” I have done something wrong”

We can not take over other people action but of course, we can look after our own actions, and trust me that’s going to help a lot and do a change for this world. Because every single person counts and each individual’s effect on others is very strong.



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