Is our Education system a failure?

Let’s start this with a simple question. Did you ever wonder why today in our generation we do not get to see scientists? Why today we do not get to see innovations and creative ideas more often? I would suggest you stop here and ponder to think about it for a moment. 

Is our Education system a failure? 

         Now let’s go somewhere. By somewhere, I meant let’s go back in time and towards the start of your Education’s journey. Now that is the time when the teachers start molding our minds. Now, this molding process is the hardest. Since we as children are the most curious to get knowledge and ask questions that arise in our minds.

During this very process, we all are limited by boundaries out of which we cannot think. Boundaries are drawn by the teachers, which limits our thinking abilities. Now what we need to focus on. Here is, that at this point our end product is prepared which is limited by boundaries. Who knows What to think not how to think. 

      How many of you have actually seen people in your surrounding who thinks beyond the boundaries and actually has brought innovations to the world?

I am sure the percentage would be less 2% or 1%.

We as a society today surely never fail to bring out excellent doctors, engineers, teachers, but what the biggest failure is that everyone’s mind is limited except a few. Our 15 to 16 years of Education tell us to remember things and pass the levels, just like it is a game that does not involve analytical skills. Even if the later years of education involve using thinking skills, but most of the students fail to do since their minds are molded in a way that does not know how to think. 

          Many of the people we see in their practical life are seen to struggle and find difficulties in achieving success. The reason being that is our educational system is way different than practical life and it does not even give a taste of real life. It is not necessary that 100 out 100 students will be creative but out of those 100, there would be 2,3 who want to bring out innovations and create new things. But cannot since when they ask questions, they are bounded and told to stick to the point and syllabuses. 

     Our system makes us follow things and not work on bringing changes and new ideas. All of this leads to producing people who follow ideas and theories and not work on their own ideas and theories which can bring benefits to the world. 

      It is never too late to work on things and together we can work on this. Maybe we can allow the next generation to think and allow them to work on what they want and let them mold their minds, we being the ones to show them the right direction. 


 Let’s try and start thinking “BEYOND OUR BOUNDARIES”


Thank you, everyone, for being here. Have a good day and God bless you all!!

Nikhil Duseja

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  • May 13, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    So here i start this is so helpful,the tittle “SELF RESPECT” motivate a person itself and to those who are fighting with there depression etcc… Tbhhhhh keepp it uppp loveee from your fannn❤


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