Yes, I am saying whatever you feel is all in your mind and you can completely control that. I don’t mean you can control the way you feel about things, actions, or people but you can control whatever follows it. For instance, any action or word hurt you in the morning. And you are feeling sad and anxious about it. Now sitting on your bed early in the morning you can make two choices.

The First Choice

first choice

You can decide that you are in a bad mood and your brain will automatically block every positive thing coming your way. It is because YOU, yourself decided that. Now your brain is working as if you are supposed to stay sad. And because of that you can not genuinely smile or feel happy for the rest of the day. As sour brain will function as feeling good is a crime for you. At the end of the day when you look back, you’ll see that everything about your day went wrong.



The second choice


be mindfull

Or you can make another choice. The choice of letting everything good and bad come to your way. The choice of letting everything flow and experience life. You can leave your bed along with all the worries, go for breakfast, and not talk normally to your family instead of talking rudely to them. Because they are the people who wholeheartedly and unconditionally love you.No matter what. You can join your friends and let your brain process their lame jokes instead of ignoring them right away.




keep your mind on right track

The second choice might not completely perish how you felt about an action or word but at the end of the day, when you go back to your bed and worries, you’ll at least have 5 percent of happiness which is way more than no happiness at all. Moreover, you won’t be regretting pushing away your friends and family. This cannot turn your sadness into happiness but it can bring some happiness in your sadness, a glimpse of light in the darkness, little white in the black. You should emphasize on little things instead of stressing about huge things. As we all know “IT’S THE SMALL THINGS THAT MATTERS THE MOST”

Do you agree with the phrase “it’s all in our mind?” comment down your opinions 🙂


Saad Sheikh

Too stubborn to not think out of the box.

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