Let it Go!


Sometimes in our lives, we found ourselves trapped at a point where we cannot decide what step we
must take.

We are stuck in between losing something very important to us and being happy.

But we prefer sacrificing our happiness because we just cannot let them go. We would prefer being ignored
every single day while holding to the hope of them being at a place where we are.


We cannot decide what we can do and what way to choose.


In the end, the only thing which happens is we would lose our
self-worth. The only thing we can dwell in is the thought that we are not good enough for them or we
are not even important for somebody we like.


We need to ask ourselves, is that person worth it? All the heartbreak, emotions, and pains you’ve been
through, does that person deserve you? Are they worthy of having that much control of your
happiness? Do they deserve to be somebody who we lose ourselves for? You need to ask yourself, what is
your worth? Who you are? Do you deserve that? How much time can you give somebody to ruin your
happiness daily?


To live in a state of fear, that they would leave you one day or another because
their lives won’t be affected whether you are a part of it or not.

The hardest thing you have to do is let them go. To cut all the ties with them. I won’t say that would be
easy but that would be the best favor you can do for yourself.


The temporary pain will allow you to get back to yourself to the real you. Everything that hurt your peace of mind is not yours to hold on to. The person who deserves all the happiness in your life is YOU.

You need to choose your happiness before anybody else’s. When you let one thing go, you would realize how many other things are waiting for you that would cause you actual happiness.

Impermanent contentment you got from a person is not
something you can give your whole life to.




That’s the hardest thing a person has to do, but you owe that
to yourself. Stay happy because nobody else would do that for you.


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