“Productivity” Very often we plan or try our best to stay productive. I can bet that at least once in your life before sleeping or right after waking up you must have thought THAT’S IT! I have had enough I can no longer live as a  useless person. From tomorrow/today, I’ll work harder and try to be as productive as possible. But on the next day or after some time, you don’t do it. You either forget it or you become the target of procrastination aka I’ll do it in a while.

It feels like you know the problem, you know the solution and you know the steps but you still can’t do it! You feel like there’s nothing stopping you but you still can’t move. And then you forget about it and you get back to your normal or in other words your boring life. Then suddenly after a few weeks that feeling arises again, but we know what follows it. This not only happens in our professional but personal lives too, where we decide to eliminate a specific toxic friend from our life but we end up apologizing or closing the exit doors for us. It’s like an endless cycle that indirectly or sometimes directly affect our self-esteem.

Why Does It Happen?

It happens because we use the wrong ingredients to increase our productivity. The urge to be productive is nothing else but motivation. Motivation is a feeling you get either naturally or by watching/listening to someone/something. The thing about feelings is that they are temporary, we have less control over them and also other feelings take over them. Likewise, the urge to stay productive also fades after some time, which is why motivation is really bad things rely on.

Now your argument will be “motivation always helps, the videos help me get out of stress and anxiety. “The posts make us keep going”. My counter-argument is just one question. If these videos and posts make you keep going, how far did you get? If you think you are on your way to success I am happy for you, stop reading right away. But if you are not, Question Yourself!. So what is the right ingredient for productivity?

The root of productivity is an inspiration.


There is no doubt that motivation is a really good maneuver to get started with the work but getting started is only the first step. All the progress would need more than emotions, “A plan and rational thinking”.You must know all pros and cons of the goal you are working on. You can follow an expert in that field so you can from their experience and “failures”.Because “intelligent people learn from others failures”.If you have information about your goal you can start well and you must have heard, “Well Begun Is Half Done”.Instead of getting motivated by a personality get inspired by it. This way if you ever get stuck doing your job you’ll know it’s not impossible. Because if your mentor can do that then so can you and you can find a solution to that problem by simply observing your mentor.

Inspirations and opportunities are all around you all you gotta do is just see with an open mind.


Saad Sheikh

Too stubborn to not think out of the box.

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