Sometimes Its Necessary To Step On The Other Side Of The Veil

Sometimes its necessary to step on the other side of the veil
In the frenzy of life, all seems a blur. Moments lose their charms and become a mere process of breathing. We go around in circles about things being done next, that we actually forget to cherish ourselves. Sometimes, it’s okay to take the back seat and observe around. Make out your goals, set up your priorities, and figure out where you stand in the life of others, in this dear time. It doesn’t have to be this hard. It just needs to be sorted. Life has a way of coming back to you in unusual ways. Prepare for the obstacles; let it clear your vision. When the perception of others hinders our actions, that’s when the self-esteem comes into play, for if we have none we lose ourselves to the mists of doubt and dither.
It’s completely normal to comprehend the meaning of life without feeling supine. Find your solace in the quiet. Grow from it. You’re your own home; strengthen up your foundation of self-love. Seek what calms you, leave whatever torments you.
What good is all the success, all the praise when your mind Is not as ease, your soul disheveled? Sometimes it’s necessary, to step on the other side of the veil between you and the rest of the world to see how the reality unravels and what lays ahead. To see who needs you and who has moved on. To experience life in a new light and pay attention to what it has to offer.
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