Words Matter

I believe in the power of words, many people speak before they think, but I know the value of them. They can make you, break you, they can heal your soul, or they can damage you forever.
So I always try to use positive words in my life wherever I go.

Muniba Mazari

I guess we all know the value of words but whenever we open our mouths to talk to someone why do we forget this?

That our words have a great impact on others.
Just imagine, someone’s having a terrible day, or returning home after a long tiring day. To make them feel good, you can sit with them, talk to them nicely and politely. Your kind words can help them forget about their bad day and can just make them feel special and happy, Can’t they?

But most importantly, if they can make you feel special on the other hand, they can also make you feel WORTHLESS.
It doesn’t matter that we didn’t mean it or we were just joking. Sometimes the words just hurt so bad that for the other person it is tough to heal themselves.

Can you just imagine that if you said something very rude and mean to another person for how many days it would disturb them?
For how many days they can not sleep properly just because you said something very mean or you weren’t just kind with your words.
It is the person’s responsibility who is speaking to use kind words which don’t hurt someone.

~Words are beautiful tools, but when improperly used they can be dangerous weapon ~

Let’s take out some time and learn to use them well!


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I am a student who has recently started blog and article writing. I try my best to express myself. I also have a blogging account on Instagram named thevocal.observer.

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